Jan 19, 2010

Who Dat!!! Saints Bring Da Wood

Well, it took four years, but Reggie Bush finally silenced his critics. Sure he was spectacular his rookie year, but the past three regular seasons have been a bit of a disappointment. Well, all is forgiven with Reggie's mind blowing day against the Cardinals to lead the Saints to the NFC Championship.

Sean Payton provided the players with baseball bats this week with the slogan, "Bring da wood" on them. Reggie enjoyed the symbol so much, he brought the bat on the field with him Saturday. Hopefully, he doesn't forget his bat this weekend.

I got to go to the game, and from Deuce leading the team on the field to Payton calling a flee flicker to Reggie's punt return TD, it was an awesome game. Now bring on the Vikings!

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