Jan 20, 2010

Thank you Deuce

One of the most beloved players in Saints history has announced the end to his great career. Deuce McAllister, the Saints all-time leading rusher, confirmed yesterday that he is retiring from football.

The Saints signed Deuce on Friday as a good-will gesture so he could be a part of the team during this playoff run, but with an injury to Robert Meachem, the Saints needed a roster spot. Deuce decided to hang 'em up for good.

I've enjoyed watching every bit of Deuce McAllister's career. From the surprise moment he was drafted to his first touchdown run his rookie year to him taking over the running back duties and becoming the franchise back, it has been great to be a fan of his. His impact was even more special off the field, where he gave his all to New Orleans and Saints fans.

I just want to thank Deuce McAllister for everything he's done for the Saints, New Orleans and the Gulf South region.

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