Jan 26, 2010

Lost Rewatch: Finale

Guess what? Lost season 6 is just one week away! What a fitting time to wrap up the Lost Rewatch. I've been holding off on posting the finale episodes to just before season 6 (that plus the Saints Super Bowl run has pushed Lost aside just a bit). Lots of news coming up leading into the last season. There's still spoilers out and lots of previews available. As always, Doc Jensen is firing away with theories and new columns.

Without further ado, here's the end of the Lost Rewatch:

Follow the Leader (Zap2It Recap)
  • GulfCoastOffense's original recap. LongLiveLocke's original recap.
  • This episode sets everything up in the present and in 1977 for the events in "The Incident"
  • Richard says that Widmore and Eloise's relationship is complicated. We learn that Eloise is the leader of the Others later and see them argue here, but what else makes their relationship complicated? Widmore's leaving the island and having other relationships perhaps?
  • Why'd the Others put Jughead in the tunnels? Why not bury it like Faraday recommended? How'd they get it down there anyway? Where's the other entrance? The Temple maybe?
  • How did Richard "watch them all die" referring to the Losties stuck in 1977? From what we see in The Incident, only Juliette is killed, but if Jack's plan works, then would they just disappear? Die on the spot? What did Richard see?
The Incident (Parts 1 & 2) (Zap2It Recap)
  1. Jack's Plan: Does it work and further what happens if it does? Will we see Flight 815 land safely at LAX? What if the plan didn't work, do they all die or live on in 1977? and what happened to Juliette after the bomb went off?
  2. The man in black & Jacob: Who are they really? What's the manner of their relationship? How long have they been on the island? Why does he want to kill Jacob? What's the loophole? Is Locke really gone? Did Jacob know Ben was going to kill him?
  3. The Flashbacks: Why did Jacob specifically visit those people at those points in their lives? Did he bring them to the island or save them from The Incident? Why'd he touch them? Are they the ones who are coming?
  4. Richard Alpert: He's an adviser and has held that role for a long, long time. He said that he's the way he is because of Jacob. So did Jacob make him ageless? When did he come to the island (Black Rock?)? What's the nature of he and Jacob's relationship? Is he the only one who can talk to Jacob? Why was he chosen as the ageless one?
  5. Taweret (four-toed statue): Who built it? How'd it get destroyed? Why does Jacob live there? Why didn't man-in-black know that's where he lived?
  • A few smaller, lingering questions: What's up with Ilana and the "shadow of the statue group"? In her flashback visit from Jacob, she is all bandaged up. Why? How does she know so much about the island and Jacob? Who are the real good guys? What's in Hurley's guitar case? What is Frank a candidate for? What's up with the cabin, who's been using it and was Jacob ever really there? Was that Black Rock in the opening scene? If so, how does it end up in the middle of the island? How do the people in the brig die (the ones chained to the walls)?
  • There are a ton more questions lingering about Lost (who are Adam & Eve, what happened to the real Henry Gale, etc.), but those are just a few to get you thinking about as we head into season 6. Enjoy the final season of one of the greatest television shows ever!

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