Dec 23, 2009

Saints vs. Bucs

The Saints lost. It's the end of the world. This team is in ruins. What's wrong with the offense? Can the defense stop anyone on 3rd down? The Saints can't win a playoff game, etc. etc. etc.

Man, what a difference a week makes. A week ago, the Saints were the NFL media darlings. One loss and everyone's picking them apart. Nevermind that they've still got the top record in the NFC and the NFC playoff will most likely still have to go through New Orleans. No, ESPN and other media outlets have moved on, they like the Eagles or the Cowboys better now.

Well, good for them. The bandwagon was too full of the not real fans anyway. So the undefeated season is gone, so what? The big goals are still out there and that starts this week. With a win against the Bucs, the Saints will clinch homefield advantage throughout the NFC playoffs. You can't take that away from them. And fans will no longer have to wonder if Coach Payton would rest starters in the last game against Carolina. That game wouldn't matter.

I think the Saints will come out on fire this week. They smashed the Bucs last time they played and this time could be even worse. The Saints don't have to prove anything to anyone, but they will. They'll show that this is still the top offense in the league and that the Superdome is the toughest place in the NFL to play.

Saints 42
Bucs 10

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