Dec 10, 2009

Lost Rewatch: Week 26

I need to start off this week by giving a shout-out to e at LongLiveLocke. During the offseason, e's been having monthly contests over at her blog to kill time before season 6. Her most recent contest was for the deluxe edition of the season 5 DVDs, the limited edition DHARMA Initiative Orientation kit. Well, you'll never guess who won ... that's right, yours truly. So thank you to e for hosting the contest, but most importantly, for keeping an awesome Lost blog.

Also, if you haven't already seen it, check out the newest season 6 promo:

Now onto this week in the Rewatch:

Namaste (Zap2It Recap)
  • GulfCoastOffense's original recap. LongLiveLocke's original recap.
  • Episode showed what happened to the passengers on Flight 316 (Jack, Kate and Hurley in 1977 and everyone else in the present).
  • The biggest question remaining is why Jack, Kate and Hurley were transported to 1977, while everyone else crash-landed in the present?
  • When Flight 316 is heading for the island, you can hear the recording of the numbers over the radio. How is that possible if Rousseau changed the message and then she turned it off?
  • The DHARMA barracks sure did look a lot worse than they should have been, even if the Others had abandoned them for three years. Is this a clue that the Losties changed things in the past?
  • Radzinsky is the architect behind the Swan Station, but why was his activities down there so secretive (blast door map, anyone?), if he was one of the main members of DHARMA? What happens to him once the Swan is built that leads him to be secluded down there and ultimately blowing off his own head?
  • We are reintroduced to another character, Ethan. So why's his last name Rom?
He's Our You (Zap2It Recap)
  • GulfCoastOffense's original recap. LongLiveLocke's original recap.
  • Flashback focuses on Sayid, starting our showing him kill a chicken then what he did after working for Ben and ultimate how he ended up on Flight 316.
  • Did Illana know that her ticket to the island was to take Flight 316 and that she had to bring Sayid with her? What about her back story about being a representative of the family of the man Sayid killed on the golf course, where did she find out about that? She's part of some group that is close to Jacob, so what's her role in everything?
  • Why are lines altered from the marina scene? Is this a clue about a time warp or that the Losties were able to change things?

Whatever Happened, Happened (Zap2It Recap)
  • GulfCoastOffense's original recap. LongLiveLocke's original recap.
  • Flashback focuses on Kate and her going to see Cassidy (Sawyer's last request before jumping out the helicopter) and leaving Aaron with Claire's mom.
  • Kate reveals that the reason she goes back to the island is to find Claire, but we haven't seen her do much looking. I guess it's kind of hard to do in 1977.
  • Kate, Sawyer and Sayid turn out to be responsible for Ben ultimately turning into the leader of the Others by their actions in 1977. I still think the Lost writers took an easy way out in cleaning up the plot by having Ben not remember anything from this incident, but it works. What did Richard or the Temple do to heal Ben? What does Juliette know of these healing powers as its her suggestion to bring Ben to the Others?
  • Richard comments that he doesn't answer to Charles. Was it part of Jacob's plan to have Ben healed? What is the relationship between the Others' leader, Richard and Jacob? Richard is an adviser, but looks like he has the real power.
  • Does Ben remember anything about being shot? If not what did they tell him happened?

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