Dec 16, 2009

The Big Four

Metallica has announced that the rumors are true and the "The Big Four" are indeed playing together.

Now, Metallica playing with Anthrax and/or Slayer, while still a big show, isn't that newsworthy, but Metallica sharing a stage with Dave Mustain's Megadeth is huge. Any Metallica fan knows that Dave was the original guitarist in Metallica and Lars and James kicked him out just before they recorded "Kill 'em All." Kirk Hammett was brought on board and the rest is metal history.

To say that Metallica and Mustain had a rocky relationship from there would be putting it lightly. So for them to be in concert together is historic and shows the materity that these guys have gone through over the years.

Now fans can only hope that "The Big Four" make it to the states.

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