Nov 11, 2009

Lost Rewatch: Week 24

We've reached season 5 in the Lost Rewatch. These episodes should still be fresh in your mind, so I'm just going to link to the recaps and post the most relevant questions remaining heading into season 6. This season gave us more insight into the island's history, DHARMA and Rousseau's early days on the island. Enjoy, and we're inching closer and closer to season 6. Unfortunately, don't look for any season 6 insight in previews. Elizabeth Mitchell (aka Juliette) said in a recent interview that the show's going into a blackout and won't show anything from season 6.

Because You Left (Zap2It Recap)
  • GulfCoastOffense's original recap. LongLiveLocke's original recap.
  • Flashforward shows what the Oceanic 6 (and Desmond/Penny and Ben) are doing off island. Jack and Ben start working together, Kate is confronted by lawyers over Aaron, Sayid busts Hurley out of the mental institution and Desmond and Penny are on a sail boat.
  • Did Dr. Chang know about the frozen donkey wheel before seeing the x-ray of the wall below the Orchid? How much does he really know about the properties of that station? What is the history of the frozen donkey wheel?
  • A few more questions: How does Daniel know so much about the island and how it's skipping through time? Since Ethan met Locke when the island was skipping, did he remember him when 815 crashed? Why don't the rules apply to Desmond and what does that mean? Can Desmond alter the past?
  • The scene where Richard tells Locke what he must do (give him back the compass and to get everyone to come back, he has to die) is still a killer scene, especially knowing what we know happened just before the conversation.

The Lie (Zap2It Recap)
  • GulfCoastOffense's original recap. LongLiveLocke's original recap.
  • Flashback shows the Oceanic 6 discussing the details of lying about where they've been. "The Lie" originally aired just after "Because You Left" as a two-hour season premiere.
  • Ben has a bag hidden in the hotel vent. Fans have wondered about it since this episode aired. Will we find out what was in the bag and why he hid it?
  • Why does Locke's body need to be kept safe? Does Ben know more than he's leading on about the man in black's plan? There are apparently Others working for Ben off island. Who are these people and how many Others are off island?
  • Ms. Hawking tells Ben that if he can't get the Oceanic 6 back to the island in 70 hours, then God help us all. What would happen if they didn't go back?
Jughead (Zap2It Recap)
  • GulfCoastOffense's original recap. LongLiveLocke's original recap.
  • Flashback/flashforward focuses on Desmond. The flashback is to the birth of his and Penny's son, Charlie. The flashforward shows him looking for Faraday's mom.
  • Since the U.S. Army visited the island in the 1950s, are they still looking for it today? How did they find it and what did they learn about its history?
  • The receptionist at Oxford is the same woman that worked the Oceanic Flight 815 gate, who let Hurley board the plane. They are played by the same actress, but are they the same person on Lost? The show hasn't addressed it, but a newspaper article said that they aren't the same person.
  • A few more questions: Why do the Others all know Latin and how did they all learn it so well? How long had Widmore been on the island and how was he recruited? Why does Richard always look the same, except for the first time he met Ben when he was wearing ragged clothes and had shaggy hair? What is the Others leadership selection process that Richard references? How'd did Widmore know Ms. Hawking's address in Los Angeles? It seemed they hadn't talked in years.

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