Nov 4, 2009

Lost Rewatch: Week 23

Season 4 comes to an end this week in the Lost Rewatch with some awesome episodes. These three episodes set up the frantic season 5. What's not to love about frozen donkey wheels, crazy cabins, Richard Alpert's test, a new DHARMA station and the reveal of the person in the coffin. Enjoy the end of season 4.

Cabin Fever (Zap2It Recap)
  • GulfCoastOffense's original recap. LongLiveLocke's original recap.
  • Flashback focuses on Locke growing up from his birth up through his rehabilitation after becoming paralyzed.
  • We now know why Richard was at the hospital after Locke was born, Locke himself told him to go there. But with the test he gave Locke as a youth, it seems Richard was testing Locke to see if he truly was special. Locke fails here by picking the knife. Do all the future Others get tested by Richard or just Locke since he was so "special"?
  • Locke has a vision of Horace Goodspeed and learns that Horace built Jacob's cabin. Nose bleeds are introduced here as well. Ben tells Locke that he used to have dreams. I wonder what those were like. Locke has had some crazy dreams/visions, but I'd bet Ben's would be even better.
  • Matthew Abaddon tells Locke that when they meet again, he'll owe him one. I don't recall Locke paying up when they met again in "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham."
  • Ben says that he wasn't the one who ordered the purge. He says that he wasn't always the guy in charge, so does that mean that Widmore ordered the purge? Was Widmore taking orders from Jacob when the purge occurred?
  • Once again, what's the deal with the cabin? They had trouble locating it, then once they find it, Christian and Claire are inside. Christian says that he can speak for Jacob (is he the man in black?) and tells Locke how to save the island -- move it. This is definitely all part of the man in black's plan as moving the island starts the spiral that culminates in the season 5 finale, "The Incident." Christian also says that Aaron's where he's supposed to be. So is that with Sawyer and eventually Kate?
There's No Place Like Home (Part 1) (Zap2It Recap)
  • GulfCoastOffense's original recap. LongLiveLocke's original recap.
  • Flashforward focuses on the Oceanic 6 making it back to civilization and what happens to them just after they get back.
  • How did Daniel know so much about the island? He knew about the secondary protocol and the Orchid, but who provided him with this info? His mother? Widmore?
  • After the show hadn't focused on the numbers for a couple of seasons, the full set of numbers make their return on the odometer of Hurley's Camaro. Will we finally get an explanation for the numbers in season 6? Damon Lindelof has hinted at yes.
  • Who hid the case that Ben finds on the way to the Orchid? Was it this part of the protocol the Others had if someone ever had to go to the Orchid to move the island? Ben says the crackers are 15 years old; did they have to move the island or go to the Orchid 15 years ago? Who does he signal to? Is there an Other stationed in that location at all times?
  • Claire's mom attends Christian's "funeral" and tells Jack that Claire was his sister. Last time we saw Ms. Littleton, she was still in a coma. How and when did she recover? Could the island/Jacob be a part of her recovery?
There's No Place Like Home (Parts 2 & 3) (Zap2It Recap)
  • GulfCoastOffense's original recap. LongLiveLocke's original recap.
  • Flashforwards focus on the Oceanic 6 and their lives off the island. We get to see Jack and Kate conversation continue at the airport from "Through the Looking Glass," season 3's finale as well.
  • After everything Jack sees happen on the island, why did he have such a hard time believing? Even after he saw the island moved, he still refused to believe it.
  • Walt tells Hurley that the only one that came to visit him was "Jeremy Bentham." Why didn't any of the other survivors check in on him?
  • Was Kate's dream about Claire an island manifestation? After Claire's appearance in "Cabin Fever," things don't look good for her still being among the living.
  • The Frozen Donkey Wheel. OK, was this built by the island's original inhabitants? Did Jacob build it? Who told Ben about it? How much did Ben really know about what would happen once it was turned? What do the hieroglyphs mean in the donkey wheel room? Why is it cold in there?
  • A few more questions: How does Miles know that Charlotte was on the island before? Why does the Orchid orientation video rewind itself? Why is it Christian Sheppard who appears to Michael just before he dies to tell him that he can go now?
  • Jack says that Jeremy Bentham told him Ben was off the island, but in "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham" Locke doesn't mention Ben at all in their conversation. Locke never told Jack about the bad things that happened on the island either. Did the two of them have another conversation or is Jack just too stoned to remember correctly?

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