Oct 16, 2009

Saints vs. Giants

The two best teams in the NFC will meet this weekend in the Superdome as the Saints take on the Giants. The Saints ate 4-0 and coming off their bye week and the Giants are 5-0 and basically coming off a bye having played Oakland last week.

The Saints are turning into one of the darlings of the NFL and if they knock off the Giants, they'll be the early favorites to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.

There are storylines galore in this game. This will be Eli Manning's first ever chance to play in the Superdome, so look for him to be extra pumped about returning to his hometown to play. Brandon Jacobs and Corey Webster are also making their return to Louisiana. Jeremy Shockey gets to go against his old team and among the other storylines, it's one of the last battles of the unbeatens in the league.

The Saints will have their hands full in this one. The Giants feature on of the NFL's top defenses and we all saw what their pass rush did to the Patriots a couple of years ago in the Super Bowl. On top of that, their offense is also one of the tops in the league, especially running Ahmad Bradshaw and Jacobs.

With that said, Saints fans will be extra excited to see their team again this week, and I think the Saints fans will give New Orleans the edge in this one.

Giants 21
Saints 27

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