Oct 23, 2009

Saints at Dolphins

The dreaded trap game. That's what this week's match up between the Saints and Dolphins is getting labeled by many media around the country. The Saints are on top of the world after blowing out the previously unbeaten Giants and the bandwagon is filling up quickly. The Saints themselves could start "eating the cheese," to borrow one of Sean Payton's lines, this week against the unfamiliar Dolphins.

The Saints have rarely played in Miami (only three times ever in the regular season) and a loss to them being an AFC opponent wouldn't hurt very much in the standings. The Saints next opponent, division rival Atlanta, is a much bigger game and will take place on Monday Night Football. Then there's the wildcat factor. All of these factors are leading people to think the Saints are due for a let down.

Well, I don't see it. Sean Payton and Drew Brees won't let that happen. They know that they are playing for something special this year and games like this one is when the character of your team is built. It's easy to overlook the 2-3 Dolphins, but this Dolphins team is hot, having won two in a row, and it is playing inspired being new QB Chad Henne.

The Saints will have their work cut out for them this week defending Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams in the wildcat formation, but I think Gregg Williams is licking his chops to get a chance to defend this new hot trend. The Saints aren't totally unfamiliar with the formation, having seen the Eagles use is in their matchup earlier this year.

There's also the revenge factor. Drew Brees was set to be a Dolphin a few years ago, but the team doubted his ability to recover from shoulder surgery, and the Saints put all their faith on Brees' right arm. Sure Nick Saban and the rest of that Dolphins team are long gone, but I think Brees wants to show Miami first hand what they missed out on.

Saints 33
Dolphins 20

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