Oct 30, 2009

20th Anniversary of "Bleach"

Nirvana's debut album "Bleach" is turning 20, so there's lots of cool, new information out there on about it. Check out the Seattle Weekly blog for lots of articles and interviews about "Bleach," head over to Sub Pop for a track list and info on the new delux edition being release on Nov. 3 (including a never before released live show from 1990) and PopCandy asks, "Where did you first hear it?"

I'm not sure I first remember hearing it. I was and still am a huge Nirvana fan so I've been listening to "Bleach" for years. I know after Unplugged, everyone wanted to hear the original version of "About a Girl," and that song soon became one of the only complete songs that 7ate9 (my band from high school) could play completely.

I'm definitely going to check out the delux edition and if you are a Nirvana fan and have never given "Bleach" its due, you should check it out as well. The songs are different that what you hear on "Nevermind" and "In Utero," but in a good way. This was before Dave Grohl joined Nirvana so there's a different vibe to the drumming and the guitars are more raw, but songs like "School," "Negative Creep" and "About a Girl" will show you where Nirvana was headed before Nevermind, while other songs like "Floyd the Barber," "Sifting," "Paper Cuts" and "Mr. Moustache" show you a more heavier, metal/punk, experimental early style.

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