Sep 1, 2009

Lost Rewatch: Week 14

This week, the Lost Rewatch continues season 3 and will bring an end to the "mini-season" that started season 3. Lucky for you, you don't have to wait months for "Not in Portland," as fans did in 2006. You get to watch it next week.

Further Instructions (Zap2It Recap)
  • LongLiveLocke's Original Recap.
  • Flashback focuses on Locke's time living on a commune. It shows the lengths he went to to find a family that would accept him, as the commune's real purpose was growing and selling marijuana.
  • On the island, the episode shows the events following the hatch implosion. Locke wakes up but is mute, Eko is missing and Desmond is naked. Yep, pretty much what you expected to happen.Why did everyone end up in different places after the implosion?
  • Boone appears to Locke during his sweat lodge vision and shares some interesting info about Locke's fellow survivors: on Charlie and Claire, fine for a while; Sun and Jin, Sayid can handle it; Desmond, he's helping himself; Kate, Sawyer, Jack and Ben, can't help them, at least not yet; and Mr. Eko, clean it up John, they've got him, you don't have much time. Lots of loaded info in those phrases. We now know what happens to each survivor group, but could some of this info be hints at what's still to come in the future (season 6)? We shall see.
  • On their way to save Eko, Charlie and Locke see the imploded hatch, find Hurley (who tells them about what happened to Jack, Kate and Sawyer) and find Eko in a polar bear cave, which also has a skeleton with a Pearl Logo on its clothes (who was this?) and a Tonka truck (who'd that belong to?). Locke saves Eko, who in another apparent island vision tells Locke that he can still protect them and will find them. (it's unclear who he's talking about exactly, could be Jin/Sun/Sayid, Kate/Jack/Sawyer or possibly even the Others themselves, who Locke eventually comes to lead)
  • Hurley finds naked Desmond (why'd he lose his clothes but neither Locke nor Eko did? Locke did lose his voice, but that's not really the same thing) and Desmond starts to show his ability to see the future, brotha. He tells Hurley about Locke's speech, which doesn't occur until later.
  • Nikki and Paulo make their Lost debut, and after hearing fan backlash, the writers immediate start planning out "Expose." Do you realize they lasted 12 whole episodes on the show?
Every Man for Himself (Zap2It Recap)
  • LongLiveLocke's Original Recap.
  • Flashback focuses on a time when Sawyer was in prison and when he first finds out he has a daughter, Clementine, with Cassidy.
  • Desmond's visions of Charlie dying start here, but we don't know it yet. He diverts a lightning strike from hitting Charlie & Claire's tent, using a golf club.
  • Ben pulls a con on Sawyer, making him think that he was given a pacemaker and needs to keep his heart rate under 140. Ultimately, Ben fills Sawyer in on the con and also shows him that they are on a second island. At the time, this was one of the biggest reveals, but also made fans question if they writers were just making things up as they went along.
  • Jack hears Sawyer and the Others through the same "broken" intercom that he'd previously heard his father. Jack also learns that someone in their mid-40s has a tumor on their spine, and figures this is why he was taken.
  • Of Mice and Men and bunnies with numbers painted on them are now added to Lost lore.
The Cost of Living (Zap2It Recap)
  • LongLiveLocke's Original Recap.
  • Flashback focuses on Eko posing as a priest immediately after "The 23rd Psalm."
  • Jack attends Colleen's funeral, and it's not your typical funeral, even the ones on Lost island. You can read my thoughts on the funeral here, when I included it as one of the big unanswered mysteries left on the show. Does the appearance of the "man in black" explain why the Others sent their dead out to sea?
  • Ben reveals that he's the one with the tumor and Juliet plays a video for Jack telling him to kill Ben during the operation. She writes her message on cue cards that say that the Others want a change and want Ben dead. Who else wants to get rid of Ben at this point? We know that Juliette wanted to leave the island and had some issues with Ben, but we haven't really seen much about other Others wanting him killed. Even after this, Juliette still behaves as a good Other to Ben.
  • Locke says that he saw the monster as a beautiful bright light, but all we've seen of it is black smoke. Did Locke see a different monster? Why did it appear as a bright light to him?
  • In the Pearl, Locke and a few others get their first glimpse of Mikhail in the Flame station on one of the monitors.
  • Eko is confronted and killed by the smoke monster. We get a major clue that the monster can take the form of the deceased (or was it the man in black?), when Yemi's body is no longer in the beach craft. Then when Eko is talking to Yemi, he replies, "You speak to me as if I were your brother," showing us that it wasn't really Yemi. We still aren't sure why the monster killed Eko. The only other time we've seen it this violent was after Keamy's men killed Alex.
  • Locke heard Eko's last words and passed them along as "We're next." What does this mean? Next to be judged? Killed?
I Do (Zap2It Recap)
  • LongLiveLocke's Original Recap.
  • Flashback focuses on when Kate was married. She was still a fugitive on the run and ultimately, left her husband because she is "born to run." We also learn that she constantly calls the marshal, Edward Mars, who is hunting her down. We also see Kate take the pregnancy test that she told Sun about in "The Whole Truth."
  • While burying Eko, Locke sees "Lift your eyes and look north, John 3:05." This gives John a plan, as we'll see in "Enter 77." The question remains about why did Eko write this? He documented lots of scripture on his stick, but was this always a message intended for Locke?
  • Sawyer tells Kate about the 2nd island, but didn't tell her sooner to keep up her hope. Jack later sees them embraced on the video monitors and decides to do Ben's surgery. Once again the broken intercom worked and someone unlocked the doors for Jack. All part of Ben's master plan?
  • But Jack had a plan of his own. Ben couldn't have thought Jack would just do the surgery with no questions asked, could he? Jack basically takes Ben hostage by cutting Ben's kidney sac and providing an opportunity for Kate (and Sawyer) to be free.
  • Danny mentions that Jack isn't even on Jacob's list, giving us the first direct mention of Jacob and his list. So why wasn't Jack on the list? Mikhail later tells us in "Par Avion" why Sayid, Locke and Kate weren't on the list.

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