Aug 13, 2009

Best Fishing Trip Ever

This past weekend, I took part in the best fishing trip ever. Now, I'm no expert fisherman. I can actually count on my hands how many times I'd been freshwater fishing, and could probably use my fingers and a couple of toes to count the number of freshwater fish I'd caught in my lifetime.

But this weekend that all changed. An invite to the Coastal Club in Southwest Louisiana and the freshwater curse was broken. In less than three days of fishing, nine guys (with not all of us fishing each day), caught more than 500 bass ... and that's no exaggeration.

A few of the guys are avid bass fishermen, and they even said that it was the best fishing weekend of their lives. These bass hit on just about anything we'd throw, but dark colored (blue, black, dark green and pink/black) worms seemed to work the best.

Here's one of the biggest ones I reeled on our last fishing day:

Here's a monster that Kyle pulled in that will soon be replicated on his wall. It weighed in at 8.6 lbs.:

Of course, every fishing trip has to include a good fishing story and one of the last fish I hauled in gave us all a story to tell (besides the monster pictured above and the many similar bass we put in the boat). On our last day of fishing, I got a good bite and reeled in what I thought would be another bass, but when I pulled it out of the water, it was a shinny silver color.

Matt asked, "What's that?" and Kyle assumed it was a freshwater mullet. But I noticed the spot near its tail and knew right away that it was a redfish.

Normally, including this day, it would be odd to catch a saltwater fish in freshwater. But Hurricane Ike had flooded the area and there's still remnants of saltwater. So I guess this little guy had adjusted to the fresh water and was living among the bass. Apparently, they haven't caught any other redfish in this canal, but of course the guy who grew up fishing saltwater would reel in a saltwater fish.

You can take the boy out of saltwater, but you can't take saltwater out of the boy.

A big thank you goes out to Jon for arranging the trip and to Mr. David for treating us like kings all weekend.

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