Jul 20, 2009

Paula Abdul May Leave Idol

American Idol fans, your wishes are about to come true. It looks like Paula Abdul may not be returning to American Idol this year.

I'll admit, I watch American Idol, but that doesn't mean I love it. I find myself complaining more about the show each and every week. And a main part of that complaint has been the judges, specifically Paula Abdul. What does she add to the show? She repeats others' comments and rambles on about nothing. Simon has made a living out of poking fun at her, and she has turned into a character on the show.

Sure American Idol is the top show on television every year, but NEWSFLASH, viewers aren't tuning in to see you Paula. They enjoy seeing underdogs make it each and every week. They enjoy being a part of the process of unearthing new, undiscovered talent. The judges are just a sideshow and the only one that ever says anything relevant is Simon.

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