Jul 14, 2009

Lost Tidbits

Lost fans, want to know what's the real story behind Libby being in a mental institution? Do the producers really have a plan? What are team Darlton going to be doing when the finale airs?

Check out this new video interview from Digital Spy with the creators of Lost. The only really big revelation is more details with Libby's backstory, which seems to be the biggest fan beef since Libby was killed off a few seasons ago. There seemed to be a lot more to her character and fans have speculated her having ties to The Others, DHARMA or the Hanso Foundation. The answer that Damon Lindelof gives isn't as interested, but does provide some closure.

In other Lost news, Doc Jensen popped up with a short blog about season 6. There will be some sort of Lost news coming out of Comic Con and of course, the Lost Rewatch project continues.

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