Jun 1, 2009

Ready for the Lost Rewatch?

The Lost Rewatch starts this week. Basically, Lost fans have come up with a way to get them through the long offseason hiatus before the sixth and final season of Lost. Each week, a few notable Lost blogs are going to watch 3-4 episodes and then start the discussion on them all over again, based on what we now know, 5 years after the show premiered.

The Lost bloggers are going to post thoughts, analysis, questions and reactions throughout the offseason as they go through the episodes on the schedule.

Last summer, Zap2It did something similar with their Lost: "We have to go back" blog on their site, and it was an excellent way to relive Lost. Each week, they reviewed a new episode up to the start of season 5. Here's a look at their take on these episodes (remember they reviewed them prior to season 5), to get ready for this year's rewatch:
I'll try to keep up with some of the rewatch activities here and offer my opinions on the episodes whenever I get a chance to follow along.

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