Jun 15, 2009

Lost Rewatch: Week 3

Season 1 continues this week in the Rewatch. Episodes 9-12 are on deck and a couple of characters get their second pre-flight flashbacks, while two others get their first flashbacks. Some new, important players are introduced to the Lost universe, and island mysteries continue to unfold. It's crazy that there's so much stuff from these early episodes that fans are still focused on and questioning today.

One character that many rewatch fans have been focusing on is John Locke. Was Locke always Locke on the island or did the mysterious man in black take Locke's form much sooner than is alluded to in season 5? Right now, I'm with the majority of folks who think Locke was himself up until Ben killed him, then man in black became Locke after Flight 316, but I can see it the other way too. There is a lot of mystery around Locke in these early episodes. Just something to keep in mind.

Also, in the world of Lost, EW's Doc Jensen has finally posted his post-season 5 blog. Check it out, as he's a must read for Lost fans.

Here are somethings to check out in this week's episodes.

Solitary (Zap2It Recap)
  • Long Live Locke's original recap.
  • Flashbacks focus on Sayid's time in the Republican Guard.
  • Sayid actually encounters the first DHARMA station, but the audience doesn't find out more about it until "Greatest Hits."
  • Some major character introductions take place. Two important female characters are introduced: Danielle Rousseau and Nadia (Nadia was first seen in a photograph in Walkabout). Alex is also brought up as Rousseau's child, but not much more is known about her (the audience is led to believe that Alex is a boy in these early episodes). And Locke returns from hunting with Ethan, and the Losties island life is about to change big time.
  • The whispers are heard for the first time on the island. Sayid gets the lucky or is it unlucky distinction of hearing them first.
  • Rousseau gives the name The Others for the first time.
  • The 815 survivors finally get to relax a bit when Hurley puts together a golf course and the first Island Open.
Raised by Another (Zap2It Recap)
  • Long Live Locke's original recap.
  • Flashback focuses on Claire's time off island and trying to decide what to do now that she's pregnant. Interesting scene when none of the ink pens would work at the adoption. The island's work perhaps?
  • In the flashback, Claire goes to see the infamous psychic, who at first told her she has to raise the baby, but later set up meeting a couple in LA to give the baby to. What did he know/see? Did he know the plane would crash?
  • Claire has some weird nightmares, including the one where Locke has one black and one white eye.
  • Shannon nicknames the island, Craphole Island.
  • Sayid returns from Rousseau's and tells everyone they aren't alone.
  • Hurley takes a census of the survivors and learns that Ethan wasn't on the plane. We also learn Hurley's real name, Hugo Reyes.
All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues (Zap2It Recap)
  • Long Live Locke's original recap.
  • The is the second episode to focus on Jack's time before the flight. The flashback shows the final falling out that he and his father had, the moment that Jack's mom referenced in "White Rabbit."
  • Boone talks about the red shirts on Star Trek. With so many background characters dying in five seasons, Lost has perfected the use of the red shirt.
  • Interesting scenes with Locke and Walt. Walt and Hurley are playing backgammon and Walt rolls everything he needs. Locke tells Boone it's going to rain in 1 minutes, give or take a few seconds, then it starts raining.
  • With Ethan's fairly easy beat down of Jack, many fans wondered if he had superpowers.
  • Did Jack save Charlie or was it the island's will?
  • Boone and Locke find the hatch and Lost sets up their season 1 cliffhanger.
Whatever the Case May Be (Zap2It Recap)
  • Long Live Locke's original recap.
  • This episode features Kate's second flashback, to a robbery in Mexico.
  • During the robbery, Kate obtains the key to deposit box 815, the same number as the flight (and two of Hurley's numbers).
  • Lostpedia points out something interesting about the tides coming in. Sayid mentions that the tide is changing too quickly...an early reference to time moving differently on the island. I hadn't caught that the first time around.
  • Jack is on to Kate's manipulations. Looking back on their relationship, they've had a lot of back and forth, I trust you, I don't trust you over the years.
  • With the tides coming in, the Losties have to move to the second beach camp.
  • If the toy airplane meant so much to Kate, why has it not been seen with her since this episode? (all the other times we've seen the plane, it has been a flashback).

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