May 22, 2009

Lost Statue: Taweret

I may be a little behind with this news, but it looks like its been confirmed by both ABC and one of Lost's creators, JJ Abrams, that the four-toed statue depicts Taweret, the Egyptian goddess of birth, rebirth and the northern sky.

I still think it looks like the crocodile god Sobek, but I'll go with this. I hate when major Lost mysteries are solved like this though. It was the same thing when Ms. Hawking's first name, Eloise, was first shown on the enhanced version of a rerun episode or when the clip show confirmed that Charles Widmore had staged the Flight 815 wreckage.

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Anonymous said...

To be fair, those last two were pretty widely guessed/logically concluded for the statue, there was an article that had some Egyptian expert talking about it and said it was like a mix of those two statues, I know I definitely saw crocodile head when I first saw it...maybe it means something special to the island, combining the two?