May 8, 2009

Hornets to Keep Byron Scott

The Hornets have decided to keep coach Byron Scott for at least one more season. That's how long he has left on his contract, so the move makes sense.

Fans were split on whether Scott should come back or not. A year ago, he led the team to the division championship and the second round of the playoffs. But injuries and a lack of depth hurt the Hornets in this year's playoffs, and they were embarrassed in the first round by Denver.

It's obvious that changes need to be made but the Hornets have decided that Scott will not be one of them. Some fans were hoping for Louisiana's own Avery Johnson to get the job, but with the Hornets already set to have to pay the luxury tax, they wouldn't want to have to pay two head coaches salaries as well.

So what changes will we see with the Hornets next year? There are rumors that David West could be traded, but the Hornets denied that yesterday when they announced Scott was staying. West could still be moved, if the right offer is presented. I'm sure the team would still like to pawn off Tyson Chandler to someone else, but with his injuries, it'll be tough. Peja Stojakovic is another big name that the team would like to move, but his salary and age make it difficult.

There are a few rumors floating around about trades involving the Hornets and teams like Chicago, Detroit and Phoenix, but this time of the year you never know what will really happen. I look for it to be quiet leading up to the draft, and if anything is to change, those moves could be made draft day.

In other news, Chris Paul has been selected to the NBA All-Defensice First Team. Congratulations to him.

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