Apr 23, 2009

Jaguars Simplify Their Look

The Jacksonville Jaguars unveiled their new uniforms yesterday in order display a better team identity. The Jaguars' owner felt that they used too many uniform combinations the past few years and it was getting harder to recognize the team.

That's fine, but as Uni Watch points out, it was the team's choice to mix and match all of their jersey/pants color schemes. I agree with Uni Watch as well on the point that these new uniforms are a step back for the Jaguars. The old jerseys looked a lot better than these plain Jane jerseys. They must have looked to the Oklahoma City Thunder when deciding on a generic look.

The tweaks include things such as changing the type for the jersey numbers, adding "swooshes" on the sides of the jerseys and pants, eliminating the full-bodies jaguar from the sleeve and adding a teal tint to the black helmet. At any rate, I think both the Jaguars and Lions, who unveiled their new look earlier this week, didn't do a good job at overhauling the teams' identities.

I usually prefer subtly uniform changes, and think the Lions new look isn't too bad, but they pretty much stuck with the same changes they made a couple of years ago when they added black as part of their color scheme. The new Lion logo is an improvement though. With the Jaguars, they should have just stuck with their original jerseys. The team hasn't been in the league all that long anyway, so just stick to one jersey/pants combination and that would have solved the problem.

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