Apr 1, 2009

Broncos Agree to Trade Cutler

Every year, ESPN picks a story and runs it into the ground. In the past couple of years, its been drama surrounding Terrell Owen or Brett Favre's retirement. This year, it's the Jay Cutler situation in Denver.

Well, yesterday things got a bit more interesting -- the Broncos announced that they are going to try to trade Cutler. There will be many teams interested in Cutler, but who will realistically get the deal done?

You would have to think that Denver would prefer to trade Cutler to an NFC team, but they won't miss out on top compensation if an AFC team offers the best deal. The top candidates will likely be the Jets, Lions, Bucs and Bears. ESPN.com blogger Bill Williamson has a good breakdown today of potential destinations for Cutler.

Who knew that the 2009 NFL draft would be shaped by a QB drafted in 2006?

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