Feb 26, 2009

Top Chef: Hosea

Congratulations to Hosea for winning Top Chef last night. It was great to see the show come to New Orleans and even greater to see the chef that most deserved the win to come away with the title of Top Chef.

All season long, I had thought that Stefan was the best chef on the show, but he got cocky and complacent and it cost him the overall victory. Carla was a good story, as I never thought she would make it to the finale. And, as it did in the past, her inability to be a head chef cost her in the finale. She let Casey talk her into doing a few things out of her comfort zone and ultimately that cost her in the long run.

Hosea was solid all season long. He was in the bottom on a couple occasions, but more times than not, he was one of the top performers. In the final elimination challenge, he stuck with what he knew and cook a meal that represented who he was as a chef. And that gave him the title of Top Chef.

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