Feb 17, 2009

Saints Release Deuce McAllister

In a move that most fans expected but didn't really want to see, the Saints have released Deuce McAllister.

Since replacing Rickey Williams as the Saints feature back, all Deuce has done is become the franchise's all-time leader in rushing and touchdowns scored. His impact off the field has been just as powerful. His Catch 22 Foundation has done a lot for the city of New Orleans and in the process, Deuce has become one of the all time most beloved Saints.

It is sad to see the Saints part ways with Deuce, but the writing has been on the wall for a few years now. Ever since Reggie Bush was drafted, Deuce's days have been numbered. Two knee injuries have slowed him down in the past few seasons and he rarely saw the field last year in key situations.

With Deuce now the third option at RB, there was no way the Saints could hold onto him. It wouldn't be fair to Deuce, the fans or the team for him to eat away at the salary cap and not be a major contributor.

So good luck to you Deuce where ever you end up next year. Thank you for all the memories. You will go down as one of the all-time greats to ever play in New Orleans.

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