Jan 5, 2009

Lost Season 5: Watch for Spoilers

We're now a little more than two weeks away from the Lost Season 5 premiere event and I can't wait ... which can be a bad thing, since the media were able to screen the first two episodes recently. This means, that there are even more spoilers lurking on the Interwebs. So be careful about which Lost sites you visit because you may end up knowing more than you want to about the upcoming season.

Doc Jensen on EW.com got to see the episodes and he doesn't give away major details in his preview column. But a few sites have gone into more detail and I've had to stop reading halfway through some articles. This NY Post article gives away a little more than I wanted to know, though it remains vague enough for them to get away with it. This TV Guide review is the one I stopped reading about halfway through.

It's tough, but patience will pay off. I already feel like I know too much about the first episodes, but for the most part, I've remained spoiler free and the main things I know are things that could be deduced from the Season 4 finale. I have enjoyed the teasers that ABC has been doing as part of the Dharma Initiative online game that was discontinued, but even those have shown full scenes from the season.

But on Jan. 21, it will all be worth it as Season 5 will kick off and fans will have new questions to ponder as the series winds down. Until then, Namaste.

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