Jan 27, 2009

Lingering Thoughts on Lost

Here are a few more random thoughts on the first two episodes of Lost, after a few days of checking out recaps and talking about the episode with others:
  • Does the island move every 108 minutes? Since the hatch is gone and the energy has been released by the frozen donkey wheel, there's nothing to harness the energy anymore (i.e. someone pushing the button)
  • In season 1's "Deus Ex Machina," Locke has a dream/vision where he see's the Nigerian airplane ... well, in "Because You Left" he's sees the plane crash after the island moved to that point in time. So Locke's vision really wasn't a vision, was it a memory?
  • Desmond and Penny are now married, as they both are wearing wedding bands on the sailboat
  • What did Ben have stashed in the hotel air conditioner vent? Just before he tells Jack to go pack his bag because he's never coming back, Ben retrieves something from inside the vent.
  • A lot of people were wondering who Neil Frogurt was and why he was getting so much screen time. He was mentioned as a character in the producers' Podcast and was mentioned on the show by Bernard in "S.O.S." He was also featured an one of the online mobisodes with Hurley
  • This was an interesting catch by some. When Sun's passport is shown on the computer at the airport, its just the Photoshop window where they created it in production. You can see on the botton tab that Photoshop is the only program open:

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