Jan 13, 2009

Doc Jensen's Season 5 Preview

Doc Jensen's column at EW.com is a must read during the Lost season, but today he posted a season 5 preview column. It isn't really spoilerish (he does give away one or two tidbits about the season, but nothing that hasn't been discussed elsewhere or can't easily be deduced from following the series).

To prepare for season 5, he recommneds rewatching five Lost episods from the past:
Rewatching those should hold you over until Jan. 21. ABC will also reair, "There's No Place Like Home" on Jan. 14, so you can catch up on last season's finale then.

Lastly, Doc. Jensen leaves readers with a new theory that while a little out there based on the context of the scenes he talks about, makes a ton of sense for the show. Check it out and tell me what you think.

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