Dec 11, 2008

Saints at Bears

The Saints last two trips to Soldier Field in Chicago haven't been memorable for them the past two year. Both times, the Saints didn't play well and came home with a loss. If they lose tonight to the Bears, despite having two games left, there season will basically be over.

The weather is expected to be a major factor in the game. It will be the coldest game the Saints have played in since the NFC Championship two years ago. The Saints got back to basics last week and established a running game against the Falcons. They'll need more of that against the Bears, as the winds are expected to be in the 20 mph range, not ideal conditions for Sean Payton/Drew Brees' aerial attack.

The Saints defense has been playing better the past few weeks and they'll have their hands full stopping rookie RB Matt Forte. The Bears passing game shouldn't be great facing the same wind conditions as the Saints, so they'll try to get Forte going against New Orleans. Special teams could become a factor as the Bears specialists are used to kicking in the cold and the Saints specialist are mid-season pickup rookies.

Saints 20
Bears 17

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