Dec 17, 2008

Joe Horn Visits the Giants

Former Saints fan favorite Joe Horn may soon be back in the NFL. He reportedly visited the NY Giants and could sign there for a playoff run.

When Plaxico Burress was suspended for his actions with a handgun, I wondered if Horn would get a call from the Giants. After their two-game losing streak, New York realizes that they need a veteran receiver for the playoffs.

I wish Horn nothing but the best with the Giants and hope that he completes his career by winning a ring with the team. Horn, while sometimes controversial, seemed to always have the fans in mind when he played. He entertained on the field and spoke his mind off it.

I know he'll be in the Saints Hall of Fame one day, as pretty much any player who had a decent Saints career gets in, but right now I'll be rooting for him and the Giants in the playoffs.

Upadte: Horn isn't signing with the Giants.

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