Dec 15, 2008

Clearing up the Saints, Giants/Jets Trades

This past offseason, the Saints made trades with both the Giants and Jets for Jeremy Shockey and Jonathan Vilma. Those deals could have involved some of the same draft picks, forcing New Orleans to give up their first round pick this year. Luckily, it looks like the Saints will be smart with this one and not force themselves to give up their number one pick.

If the Saints had resigned Vilma during the season, they would have to give their second round pick to the Jets. But they previously traded their second, along with a fifth rounder, to the Giants for Shockey. If the Jets got the second, then the Saints would ship their first to the G-Men. How dumb would the Saints have to be to trigger that to happen? They can easily talk to Vilma's agent and resign him the first day of free agency in March.

Now the Saints will be without second and third round picks in April, but they get back a fourth from the Jets in the deal, giving them two fourth round picks. Confused yet?

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