Oct 20, 2008

Mark Wahlberg Rocks

Mark Wahlberg was gaining the reputation of being a jerk after he went on a few talk show's last week and bashed SNL and their skit "Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals":

Andy Samberg, who is responsible for the some great digital shorts, struck gold again with his Wahlberg impersonation and fans were wondering why Wahlberg didn't have a sense of humor and wasn't playing along.

Well, fast forward to this Saturday and the pay off for the feud:

Wahlberg and SNL played this one brilliantly and there was a tenseness when Marky Mark confronted Andy. SNL still isn't great, but they are capitalizing on the buzz surrounding the show leading into the upcoming election. Having Sarah Palin on the show created one of the highest rated episodes in a long time, but the highlight for me was the Wahlberg/Samberg confruntation ... oh and the fart face business meeting. Fart Face

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