Oct 24, 2008

LSU vs. Georgia


Both LSU and Georgia are facing basically a must-win situation to keep pace in their respective division in the SEC. LSU cannot afford a loss at this point with Alabama playing so well and Georgia needs the win, especially with their match-up with the Florida Gators coming up.

LSU has been struggling somewhat on both sides of the ball the past few weeks, but finally put together a strong half of football against South Carolina. The LSU defense held their own and played like fans had been expecting them to play all season.

LSU used a few more wrinkles on offense and worked in both quarterbacks nicely. They even let running QB Andrew Hatch throw the ball a few times, including a touchdown to TE Richard Dickson. If the two-QB system is to be effective, they need to mix it up and have Jarrett Lee run some and Hatch throw more. The other big wrinkle was having both Keiland Williams and Charles Scott on the field at the same time. Scott is one of the top runners in the conference, so having him line-up at fullback draws the defense's attention.

Georgia has fallen a bit since being preseason #1, but they are still one of the top teams in the conference. Knowshawn Moreno is probably the best running back in the league and Matthew Stafford is being discussed as the top QB prospect in the upcoming draft. LSU will have its hands full, and the Tiger Stadium crowd needs to live up to the tradition and hype to make Death Valley one of college footballs toughest venues, even with the 2:30 p.m. kickoff.

It's going to be a tough game for the Tigers, and they can't afford to make the same mistakes that have plagued this team this year. They'll need to play an almost perfect game to beat the talented Bulldogs. No special teams breakdowns, no Pick-6 interceptions, no lackadaisical first halves of football ... basically, they need to play like the team fans believe they are.

Georgia 24
LSU 25

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