Oct 30, 2008

Doctor #11 Coming Soon

There's been a ton of speculation as to who would replace David Tennant as the Doctor on Doctor Who, almost as soon as Tennant took the role a few years ago. Now all the speculation as to when Tennant will actually leave the series can come to an end, as he himself has confirmed that the 2009 specials will be his last as the Doctor.

Rumors have been going strong over the past few weeks as to who will be Doctor #11, including Paterson Joseph, who would become the first black doctor. Fans are mixed as to who should be the replacement, but the same thing happened when each actor left the series.

I for one will be sad to see Tennant's tenure end. I didn't grow up watching Doctor Who but came to love the new series (and have since gone back and checked out the classics). As a lot of fans have said about the first doctor they watched, Tennant is my doctor. He has become a fan favorite, dispite a small bit of concern from the fan base when he took over for Christopher Eccleston.

It all depends on who you got into the series watching, and for me, it was Tennant. I can't wait for the 2009 specials to see how he finishes his time as the Doctor. He is a life-long fan of the show, so he will definitely go out in style.

So who do you think will be the next Doctor?

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