Sep 20, 2008

LSU Beats Auburn 26-21

Add another one to the historic LSU/Auburn rivalry. What will this one be called? The Jarrett Lee coming out party? The momentum swing? Charles Scott's day? The heart-check game?

This year's game probably won't go down the same as the "Barn Burner" or "Earthquake Game," but LSU's 26-21 defeat of Auburn set the tone that the 2008 season will be an exciting one for LSU fans.

With starting QB Andrew Hatch suffering a "mild concussion," LSU's hopes were riding on redshirt freshman Lee ... who looked awful in the first half going 0-5 passing with one pick 6 interception. So what does Lee do in the second half? He only completes 11/17 for 182 yards and two TDs.

Lee may have ended the two-QB rotation at LSU with his second half performance. He showed poise, he showed command of the offense and he showed that he could shake off a rough start and win in one of the most hostile stadiums in the country.

It also helps to have a guy like Charles Scott running all over the highly touted Auburn defense to the tune of 21 carries for 132 yards. Scott now has three-straight 100-yard games and has cemented himself atop the RB depth chart.

Throw in some trick plays and surprises -- halfback TD pass to Demetirus Byrd, onside kick -- and you have LSU's formula for success. That includes stout defense, especially against the run, and a solid running game.

For a while it looked like the goat for LSU would be Danny McCray, who always seems to struggle in one-on-one pass coverage, or Rahim Alem, whose 15-yard roughing the passer could have been a back breaker, but this team never quit. They follow the lead of their coach, who never doubts his team and always feels there is a way to victory (whether its trick plays, fake FGs or going for it on 4th down five times).

LSU is now in the driver's seat for the SEC West title, as 6 of the last 8 years the LSU/Auburn winner has played in the SEC Championship. It looks like only Alabama really poses a real threat in the West now.

But that's to worry about later in the year. For now, LSU fans can enjoy another exciting win against the hated Tigers, War Eagles, Plainsmen ... Auburn.

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