Aug 27, 2008

Poll: LT Top Fantasy Pick

In our Fantasy Football poll, Ladainian Tomlinson gets the the nod over fellow RB Adrian Peterson as the #1 pick by the narrow margin of one vote. I can understand the excitement over Peterson after his great rookie year but I had the #1 pick in a fantasy football draft a few weeks ago and went with the consistency of LT. Peterson's injury history and only one year of pro football were the main factors of me going away from him. (But I did grab his backup Chester Taylor later in the draft). Brady put up great numbers last year, but you never pick a QB #1. Addai & Westbrook will have a nice years too, but not better than LT.

Here are the poll results:

Who should be the #1 pick in fantasy football drafts?

Joseph Addai
1 (9%)
Tom Brady
1 (9%)
Adrian Peterson
4 (36%)
Ladainian Tomlinson
5 (45%)
Brian Westbrook
0 (0%)
0 (0%)

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