Aug 7, 2008

Is it over now?

I don't know if you've heard but there's been something going on with Brett Favre and the Packers for the past few weeks ... something about him wanting to come out of retirement to not be a distraction. I may be sketchy on the details, if only the national media (mainly ESPN) had focused any attention on this story. Yeah, I wish.

With the minute-by-minute Brett Favre coverage that ESPN has been providing, it would be hard to find a sports fan anywhere who hasn't heard about Favre's desire to come out of retirement and play for the Packers or someone else in their division (ie, Vikings or Bears). The entire situation has come to an end with Favre being traded to the Jets for a conditional 4th round pick this morning.

He didn't exactly get his wish, but with only Tampa Bay and the Jets being actively involved in trade discussion and the Packers desire to keep him out of the NFC North, it may be the best situation for Favre. While Tampa may be a better team in an easier conference, they already have five quarterbacks on the roster. The Jets had Kellen Clemons and a soon-to-be-released Chad Pennington competing for the job. Favre is an immediate upgrade and the Jets become a major player behind New England in their division.

I am so glad that this has finished, but then I realized that Favre's press conference will be covered, his first practice will be covered, 1st preseason game, 1st regular season game, 1st game with the Patriots, etc. It's only just begun. ESPN will continue the minute-by-minute Favre coverage and the other 31 teams in the league will get ignored.

At least the Packers can move on with Aaron Rodger now, but wait until that first bad game from him or his first injury. ESPN will be all over that. Oh yeah, ESPN will also televise the Packers first game, so look for many a Brett Favre reference because Green Bay was supposed to be retiring #4 at half time that day. So while one chapter is closed, many more are still waiting to be written. I guess I'll just have to keep fast forwarding through NFL Live to catch the 5 minutes of non-Brett Favre stories. At least we have the new Madden game to look forward to where we don't have to constantly see Brett Favre's image ... oh nevermind.

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