Jul 29, 2008

Poll: The Empire Strikes Back picked as top SW Movie

Gulf Coast Offense readers have chosen The Empire Strikes Back as their favorite Star Wars film. Here's how the poll turned out:

The Phantom Menace
0 (0%)
Attack of the Clones
0 (0%)
Revenge of the Sith
2 (10%)
Star Wars (A New Hope)
4 (21%)
The Empire Strikes Back
11 (57%)
Return of the Jedi
2 (10%)

This is not a surprising result. Empire was my choice as the top film as well. The only downfall of that movie is that there's no true ending, as its the middle of the first trilogy. But other than that, it's perfect Star Wars. Irvin Kershner took George Lucas' story and brought it to a new level. He knows how to add the little things to a movie, and he improved on the characters established in A New Hope. Empire has some of the most well known Star Wars scenes, as well as top pop culture moments...mainly Vader's "No, I am your father" line and the introduction of Yoda.

The original Star Wars (A New Hope) came in second in the poll followed by a tie between Return of the Jedi and Revenge of the Sith. The other two prequel films didn't receive a vote. Again no surprise there.

Next poll: What's the best movie you've seen this summer?

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