Jul 2, 2008

Hornets make logo change, new uniforms coming soon

We've reached the slowest time of year on the sports calendar. The NBA season is complete with the draft being held last week. Free agency started this week, but not much has happened other than Baron Davis going to the Clippers. NFL teams are about 3-4 weeks away from reporting to training camp, meaning we're still more than a month away from meaningless preseason games. MLB is approaching the All Star break, so pennant races should really be heating up soon, but no one really pays attention to MLB until the playoffs are approaching. Hockey... who cares (but their season's over as well)? Golf...Tiger's done for the year, so there's not much mainstream attention being given to the sport right now.

So with not much going on, the New Orleans Hornets have released an updated Hugo logo. I don't know if they officially released it, but ESPN has been using the new logo since the draft last week.

Here's the old version:

Here's the new one:

This is likely a preview of the new uniforms. The fonts have changed a bit and the colors are darker and richer. Supposedly, the darker teal is called Mardi Gras Blue, even though the Mardi Gras colors are Purple, Green and Gold. So it looks like the Hornets new uniforms colors will be mainly blue and purple. I like the look, but I hope they don't get confused with Dallas or Utah, who have similar color schemes.

Other changes include NOLA on the bug's chest instead of New Orleans, which was so small before that it was hard to read. The Hornets head has been changed as well with a new grimmace on his face, updated eyes & antennea, different wings and colored in shoes.


Anonymous said...

Any word if the Hos are keeping the Fleur de Bee? Remember, the Saints lost the Louisiana state patch on their jerseys last year and look what that did for them.

Ernie said...

As far as I know, the Fleur de Bee is going to be the secondary logo and will be used often. They are getting rid of the "H" logo that was on the court the past few seasons, so the Fleur should take place of that. Fans loved it.

The Saints are trying to bring back the LA patch as well.

Anonymous said...

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