May 5, 2008

Saints Looking at Shaun Alexander

The New Orleans Saints are reportedly bringing in former Madden coverboy and NFL MVP Shaun Alexander for a visit. While on the surface bringing in a name like Alexander sounds good, the move has major ramifications for one of Saints fans all-time favorites, Deuce McAllister.

Alexander is visiting the Bengals today and will be in New Orleans later this week. The Saints may simply be looking at other options should McAllister not be ready to play this year after surgeries on both his knees, but there's no place for both of them on the roster. That's where the bad news comes in for Saints fans. Lots of fans would be excited to bring in a name like Alexander to team with Reggie Bush, but those same fans would be pretty upset if Deuce is let go to make it happen.

Alexander's career has been on the downswing for the past two seasons. After rushing for 1,880 yards and 27 TDs in 2005, he's only gained 1,612 yards and 11 TDs the past two seasons combined. Injuries have been part of the problem, but he also hasn't been running with the same motivation and authority that he did earlier in his career. Once the Seahawks gave him a big contract, he seemed to pack it in.

Could he help the Saints next season? Yes. Would he be a better option than a healthy Deuce McAllister? No way. That's the question though. How healthy will McAllister be this season? No one knows the answer and that's why Alexander is being brought in. The coaches obviously aren't sold that Aaron Stecker and Pierre Thomas can carry the load with Reggie Bush. They'd also want a big veteran back to help carry the ball and the former Crimson Tide runner, Alexander, may be that guy.

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