May 2, 2008

LSU Dismisses Perriloux

LSU Coach Les Miles has dismissed Ryan Perrilloux from the LSU football team. This is a move that many fans have called for over the past few months, and it will be interesting to see how they react now that he's been dismissed.

LSU heads into the fall to defend their National Championship with redshirt freshman Jarrett Lee or former Harvard player Andrew Hatch leading the team. Freshman Jordan Jefferson will also be in the mix. I look for Jarrett Lee to win the spot with Hatch being a change of pace QB.

Perrilloux has all the talent in the world and is a definite NFL prospect, but his off the field antics were just too much for LSU to handle. He was constantly making the news for off the field behavior and rumors that he rarely went to class didn't help his cause either.

I wish Perrilloux the best of luck where ever he ends up (most likely a IAA program, so he can play right away). It was just time for LSU to part ways with him and start from scratch with players who are dedicated to the team and want to be a part of LSU.

I wonder how Mack Brown and Texas fans are feeling today. Perrilloux originally committed to UT when Vince Young was there, but changed his commitment to LSU on signing day. Brown is probably thankful now that he avoided the headaches that Miles had to deal with the past few years, but I wonder if he thinks he would have been able to keep Perrilloux on the right track.

Update: Looks like Ryan failed a drug test


Anonymous said...

i gotta be honest. it made me a little sad. not so much for the team, but for him. i hope this motivates him to turn his life around...

GW said...

Yo Ernie, I'm jonesing for a Lost post. Hook a brother up. I know it was just Jack's appendix, but hey, at least it wasn't his tattoos. And there was no Bai Ling. So they had that going for 'em this time. Which is nice.