May 23, 2008

Is Ben's baton the key?

Could the Lost producers have planned this far ahead? The previous link takes to you a screen capture from the Pilot episode of Lost. The first scene of the entire show focuses on Jack opening his eye. Then the camera pans back and there's a small black object next to him. Speculation is that this object is Ben's baton (the same one he used to beat up the guys in the desert in "The Shape of Things to Come").

Speculation is also out there that Ben's baton is a key to the whole mystery on the show. Is is some sort of teleport? He passes the baton to Locke in "There's No Place Like Home," but he has it back in his future.

What do you think?

I think it would be awesome if this was planned out this far in advance, but I doubt that it was. The black object may resemble Ben's weapon, but I think it's just a coincidence.

FYI: The last two hours of "There's No Place Like Home" will air this on May 29. Prior to the new two hours, ABC will air Part 1 again...with bonus footage! The footage includes an extended press conference. Don't miss it.


GW said...

I can't wait! IMHO, Ben is the best thing that ever happened to this show.

As for the baton, it certainly doesn't look like the same object. The most striking difference to me is that it's too big in diameter. But at the same time, certainly that object is there for a reason.

It wouldn't surprise me if somewhere between then and now they "recast the prop" and we'll be asked to accept that it's the same object. Which would be fine by me, it's far too little a thing to nitpick if it does in fact become part of the story.

The producers have always insisted that the whole story has been mapped out from the beginning, at least in a general sense. There will always be adjustments/tweaks/even wholesale changes that have to be made, of course, just based on circumstances ("discovering" Michael Emerson, for example, and saying "Whoa, we've gotta keep this guy.")

But I wouldn't be skeptical if they eventually said yep, we knew from the very start that that object belonged to the character who eventually became "Ben", and that we always knew we were going to revisit that object when we decided to show that Jack's waking up in the jungle right after the crash wasn't was it appeared to be. (Maybe he had given it to Ethan when he went to the beach. Goodwin didn't get one because Ben wanted Goodwin not to come back.)

Anonymous said...

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