Mar 12, 2008

Saints' Steve Gleason Retires

After battling for a roster spot year-after-year and becoming a fan favorite in the process, Steve Gleason has decided to retire from the NFL after seven seasons with the Saints. Gleason is a special teams ace and has cemented his place in Saints history with his blocked punt against the Falcons in the opening moments of the first game back at the Superdome after Hurricane Katrina.

Gleason was a great special teams player for the Black and Gold, but he was a better person for the community. He grew his hair out and donated it to Locks of Love and was always eager to give back to the New Orleans area. He and his future wife plan to have a house in New Orleans, so he will still be around, but fans will miss watch #37 break through the line and dive at opposing punters.

I for one enjoyed watching Gleason play. He never got much of a chance on defense, but he gave it 100 percent every time the special teams unit ran on the field. An injury to his knee forced him to miss last season and that injury and recover process was part of his decision to hang 'em up now. Steve, good luck in your future endeavors and thanks for playing hard for the Black and Gold.

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