Jan 7, 2008

BCS Championship


This is it. The last game of the college football schedule. LSU vs. Ohio State for the crystal football.

Much has been said nationally, mostly ESPN, about how these two aren't the best teams in the country. ESPN is touting USC for a split championship and Georgia is also getting some love after their Sugar Bowl victory. Well, tough cookies. LSU and Ohio State were ranked #1 and #2 at the end of the year and as many blemishes as they may have, other teams have more. USC lost to Stanford. The argument for them ends there. Georgia didn't even win their division, much less play for the conference title. If you want to include them in the argument, you'd have to throw in Kansas, who accomplished just as much as Georgia, but did it with one fewer loss.

No matter how you slice it, this is the craziest season of college football in a long time. There will be arguments for many teams, but the bottom line is that LSU and Ohio State are playing for the national championship tonight.

This game should be a good one. Each team is trying to make history by being the first two-time BCS champion. All the storylines have been exhausted -- LSU playing at "home" in the Superdome, Les Miles' hat, Ohio State's lack of speed, Ohio State's record against SEC teams -- it's time for the game.

LSU 34
Ohio State 23

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