Jan 31, 2008

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Lost returns tonight! With all the promotions and teasers ABC has put out, Season 4 looks to be one of the most exciting seasons so far.

*Spoiler warning for those who aren't caught up on Lost*

When we last left our losties, they had contacted Naomi's ship and were anticipating rescue. Poor Charlie Pace had made the ultimate sacrifice, but not before alerting Desmond that it was not Penny's boat that was coming to save them. So were do they go now? From the looks of all the teasers, the rescuers aren't quit who the losties thought they'd be. We'll find out more about them soon enough.

That's not even to mention the biggest reveal of all. The show completely changed at the end of last season when Jack/Kate were shown off the island...sometime in the future. So who else gets off the island? There are billboards about the Oceanic 6, so most are assuming that there are six people who make it off.

Questions are abound as we head to season 4 (but aren't there always questions surrounding this show?). How is the show going to change now that there's flash forwards and backwards? What ever happened with Michael and Walt? How will Hurley and Claire react when hearing about Charlie? What is up with Jacob? What does Locke know? Why does Ben not want to let them leave? Will we ever find out what the smoke monster really is? Who are Adam and Eve? How can Locke predict the rain? Where do the whispers come from? Etc, etc, etc.

Tonight is going to be awesome!

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