Dec 30, 2007


Congratulations to the New England Patriots on completing a perfect regular season, 16-0. I, for one, have been rooting for the Pats to lose all season long, but I have to give credit to them for this amazing feat.

I was not necessarily rooting against New England, but was rooting against ESPN's coverage of the Pats season. ESPN has turned the Patriots into the Yankees and USC football. Two teams that get so much hype and coverage that the public gets tired of seeing them. ESPN has been hyping the perfect season almost all year long. The anchors seemed upset when the American public showed that a majority wanted New England to lose. ESPN, you created this monster.

With that being said, in today's NFL, 16-0 is an unthinkable accomplishment. The league wanted parity and tried to do away with dynasties. But New England has found a way to be a dynasty in the modern NFL. Coach Billichick, Tom Brady, and Randy Moss may not be everyone's favorites, but right now, they are the best. Now let's just hope they lose in the playoffs.

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