Nov 2, 2007

Saban Bowl I: LSU vs. Alabama

Did you hear, LSU is playing Alabama this weekend. Well, get this, their new coach used to be LSU's coach. I know, with the little hype that this game has gotten this week, it seems like someone would have pointed out that Nick Saban used to coach for LSU. All I've been hearing all week is how these teams match up on the field and how the winner of this game will likely play in the SEC Championship. People have been harping on the history of this rivalry, the traditions of the schools. Not once has someone mentioned anything about the former LSU coach. Crazy isn't it?

Had you going there for a second didn't I? Not really, right? Unless you've been living in a cave, you know that this is the game LSU fans had circled since the beginning of the year. Of all the games LSU has played or will play, this was the one that have to win, especially if your name is Les Miles.

LSU fans haven't really opened their hearts to Miles the way they did with Saban. Many were skeptical after feeling heartbroken when their guy, Saban, left the school on Christmas a few years ago. Miles has faced constant comparisons to Nick for years, and then with Saban decides to come back to college football, he picks a school in not only the same conference as LSU, but the same division. LSU fans were hurt a second time and now Miles has a new rival in the man his record is held up against.

I know a lot has been made this year and especially this week about playing Saban for the first time since he left Baton Rouge. It's a huge story, but it's not the only story. LSU is working their way toward a National Championship berth, and Alabama is just the latest roadblock put in front to the Tigers. The players will have to execute and be focused because the fans will constantly have one eye glued on Saban. They know what he's capable of and know deep down, he wants this win more than anything. Miles knows how important this game is as well. He gets a chance to go up against Saban once a year. With each victory over Alabama, Miles' legacy will be enhanced in the eyes of Tiger fans. But if he loses to Saban, he'll take a giant hit. Fans look for anything to bash Miles with and losing to Saban, especially this year, would give them more ammunition than they need.

LSU 31
Alabama 22

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