Nov 9, 2007

Rams vs. Saints

Having the 0-8 Rams come to New Orleans this Sunday looks like a good game for the Saints to continue their winning streak. Vegas has even put the spread at 11.5. Should be an easy weekend for the Saints...not so fast, my friend. This is the exact type of game that the Saints have been known to lose. If you look back at the Saints history, they lose games that they are supposed to win; they are known for giving teams their first victory (see expansion Browns). As a Saints fan, you cannot feel good about this game, especially with St. Louis coming off of a bye week.

Having the Rams coming in winless is scary enough, but the Rams will also have former Saints coach Jim Haslett standing on their sidelines. Haslett would like nothing more than to pump up his defense and have them stop his old team's winning streak. This has trap game written all over it. So much so, that Saints Coach Sean Payton has mouse traps baring the Rams logo placed in the Saints locker room this week. Payton will try anything to keep his team focused.

Rams 27
Saints 31

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