Nov 21, 2007

Arkansas vs. LSU

LSU will have its hands full on Friday when the Arkansas Razorbacks come to Baton Rouge for the season finale. LSU will be looking to maintain its #1 ranking heading into the SEC championship game, while also holding onto the heaviest trophy in college football -- the Golden Boot.

With the two headed running attack of Darren McFadden and Felix Jones, LSU's defense will have to be ready and focused on stopping the run. Arkansas is a run-first team with two 1,000 yard rushers and not much going on with their passing game. However, Casey Dick did show last week that if you focus too much on the run, he is more than capable of hurting a defense with the pass. This will be a good test for LSU's defense, which is still stastically near the top in every category but hasn't played up to its potential in a few weeks.

LSU controls its own destiny and can't take the Razorbacks lightly. A slip up this week or next in the SEC championship (against Tennessee or Georia) will cost the Tigers a shot at the BCS championship. With the way this season has gone, anything can and will happen. With all the major title contenders stumbling at some point this year, except for Kansas thus far, LSU is right back where it needs to be since the Kentucky loss. LSU needs to focus on limiting mistakes, such as turnovers and dumb penalties, and they should be able to take care of business the rest of the season.

Arkansas 24
LSU 38

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