Oct 22, 2007

Two-Game Win Streak!

Don't look now, but the Saints are on a roll...a 2 game roll, but one none-the-less. They defeated division rival Atlanta 22-16 yesterday to keep their hopes alive for turning this season around. They didn't look great and the offense and secondary still have their problems, but they held on and pulled out the victory.

Drew Brees is definately not playing up to his standards. He was OK yesterday, but missed receivers a couple of times and just doesn't look as comfortable running the offense as he did last year. Maybe he's trying to do too much, maybe the receivers aren't where they are supposed to be. To the average fan though, it looks like Brees is off a bit this year.

Another gripe I have with this year's offense is the lack of faith in the running game. Yes, they have struggled running the ball, but in order for play-action to work, the other team has to think you might run. Coach Payton forgets about the running game and has Brees drop back to pass too often. Sure Reggie Bush isn't going to carry the ball 25-30 times every game, but it would do some good to get Pierre Thomas more than two carries in these games.

The defensive front four is playing well, especially against the run. They have finally learned to stay in the their gaps and clog running lanes. The only problem is teams know that they can pass against the Saints and will abandon their running game for more yards through the air. Joey Harrington and Byron Leftwich picked apart the Saints secondary and Roddy White had a career day. With a consistent pass rush, the secondary would perform better, but the front four gets their pressure in spurts. Hopefully, secondary and linebacker will finally be addressed next offseason. In the meantime, CB Jason David should be back from his injury soon...but considering his play earlier this year, that may not be such a good thing.

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