Sep 10, 2007

LSU Dominates VA Tech, 48-7

The scoreboard said Virginia Tech, but you would have though LSU was playing a "cupcake" with the way they ran up and down the field and completely dominated the Hokies, 48-7. LSU basically did whatever they wanted on offense, and the defense frustrated VA Tech's offense all night. If not for one drive in the 2nd half, LSU would have shut out the Hokies.

Most members of the national media had their eye on this game, as two national title contenders with top defenses battled it out. With scores being thrown around like 13-10, 16-9 or if you dared to go out on a limb and imagine that a team could score a few times, 20-14. In other words, most expected a defensive battle with little offense to go around. The kicking game would be important and the team that didn't turn the ball over would have the best chance. Well, that thinking was thrown out the door after LSU's first two drives of the game when they grabbed a 14-0 lead. From then on, they just kept their foot on the gas and opened up Gary Crowton's offensive playbook and put it to the Hokies.

LSU gained some ground on #1 USC in the national polls after this victory. For those who doubted them last week, they were made believers with this performance. Matt Flynn made his first start in Tiger Stadium and didn't disappoint. Jacob Hester proved the nay-sayers wrong by showing he is a legit college football tailback. But Keiland Williams gave the fans more fuel for their arguements as to why he should be the featured back with his 7 rushes for 126 and 2 TDs against the Hokies.

All in all this was a game that will be remembered for a long time. Could this be the first indication that this team is in for a special season? It very well could be, but it's still very early in the season. The Tigers need to stay level-headed and stay focused on their goals. As Coach Les Miles said after the game, "you can save the accolades for later in life because we have only won two games. We have a lot of football to play." Yes they do and Tiger fans are hoping that one of the games left will be on January 7 in New Orleans.

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