Sep 27, 2007

If it ain't broke...

Sure it's for a good cause, but just look at those uniforms. LSU and Tulane will be wearing special uniforms for this weekend's game with proceeds from merchandise ($1 per jersey sold) going to Katrina relief. That's great news and a great gesture, but couldn't the same thing be done without LSU changing their uniforms for the game?

LSU has a tradition of wearing white uniforms and their gold helmets are a college football staple. Well, this weekend, thanks to Nike, LSU will don white helmets, purple jerseys and white pants. It's the Gerry Dinardo era all over again. Everyone remembers the uniform combinations (purple pants anyone?) that Dinardo pulled out for special games. Many fans fear that this is the start of Nike getting what they've been after for a while now...changing LSU's uniforms weekly like Oregon, Florida or Miami have done in recent years.

Dear Skip Bertman, don't sell out. Stick with tradition. We can live with this being a one time thing. Don't make it a habit. Let's stick with the best uniforms in college football:

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